Attractive tours to Sapa in spring 2017

Coming Sapa, tourists can admire the snow, peach blossom, Ban flower and ẹnjoy warm dishes in the cold winter. Perhaps, anyone could resist the freezing air with a brilliant yellow landscape of terraced that majestic soft ethnic people here. Sapa is always a great place to experience in your travels. However, to have a perfect trip, visitors should find out Sapa travel guide.


Promotion tour in 3 days 2 nights

The autumn in Sapa is really beautiful, September is the season of grain to 11 gold rice, yellow sun like silk and shiny under the sun of the North. Sapa is put on a new dress gorgeous, lovely and bright yellow below all angles. Enjoying the terraces will give tourists a panoramic view of Sapa: quite nice and poetic. This time moderately cool climate, clean air to the strange, early morning Sapa town like floating in the clouds.



If you love flowers, you will surely enjoy watching the sunrise was gorgeous on the high valley in the early morning. Ecotourism Zone Ham Rong mountain and the lakeside area where the town center flower blooming color most. This period is considered the best time for trekking Sapa in Cat Cat, Ta Phin or conquer the summit Phansipan legendary, etc.

Sapa tour: Sapa poetic beauty bewitching countless visitors to this place. Beauty was not just in the clouds mountain dew, it is also the beauty out through gentle faces of people where land is the source country. With the typical cultural features of ethnic highland, Sapa has really become a destination not to be missed in your travel itinerary.



Ham Rong Mountain is a popular destination located adjacent to the town of Sapa. To visit Ham Rong, travelers lost in the gardens, clouds preferred closed body, brilliant flowers ground, beautiful natural scenery and fascinating charm. Up to Ham Rong Sapa panoramic view of the town, watching the Muong Hoa valley, Sapa, Ta Phin hidden in smog. Currently, embellished with the hand of man, Ham Rong is indeed a fruitful landscape.


To Sapa, guests will have the opportunity to immerse in the atmosphere of the situation with the bold demo traditional culture of highlanders, are known to enjoy praise, trumpet or leaves that floated to infinity, are firsthand that dances unique characteristics. And to Sapa, visitors cannot help the highland specialties with traditional dishes of the local people such as Com lam, cider cats, etc.



These are the specialties that tourists cannot forget about a region northwest – Vietnam.

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